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Welcome to the Parents' Corner

Please, how can I help my dyslexic child?


For children with dyslexia or some other visual/perceptual problem, the wonderful world of reading can feel like a nightmare. The following animated images can give you some idea of how a dyslexic might perceive letters.

some bounce
some travel
some fade
some wiggle

One of the strategies that is extremely helpful for students with dyslexia or other visual perception problems, is the use of NRSIÒ Colored Overlays. Our colored overlays can eliminate the perceptual problems many of these children face every day. As stated in The Reading Teacher: "frequencies [of wavelengths of light] that may cause perceptual distortion are eliminated before they reach the retina and the brain. As a result, visual information may be more effectively analyzed." (Rickelman & Henk, The Reading Teacher, 1990). Learn More.

Without Overlay
With Overlay

We offer three different eight-color assessment kits that include assessment booklets and instructions. Since not everyone is helped by the same color, you need to experiment with different colors to find those that work best. When the correct color is used, students report immediately that letters that were doubling, reversing, and even moving off the page become clear, and they can learn with greater ease and reduced stress.

"I've been using overlays with several students in my second-grade class with great success. I use the blue overlays myself. If I had those as a child, I would not have been troubled with painful eye exercises and much initial reading failure. As I grew older, I did learn to read well, but eye fatigue and jumping, flickering print have stayed with me, especially if I am tired. What a relief! If only I had them in college and graduate school!"
Elsie Wilson, teacher

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You can easily purchase colored overlays in our Online Store, or you can phone in your order to 1-800-331-3117 or 1-888-ALL-READ

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