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Customer Evaluations


“I learned and became aware of many wonderful strategies, insights and ideas to utilize in my classroom and with my students. This workshop opened my eyes to many student struggles as well as gave me the tools to use to help them.” Alexia Lauviere, English Language Arts Teacher, Calcasieu Parish, LA

“I was fortunate to learn about Carbo in San Antonio, Texas last summer. What a treat and a pleasure to know that my co-workers now know the wonderful world of Carbo!” Cindy Chapell, 1st Grade Teacher, Calcasieu Parish, LA

“I wish I had known this earlier in the year so I could have helped my struggling readers more this year. I will do as much as I can with my remaining time.” Carla Friday, Elementary Teacher, Calcasieu Parish, LA

“This was very eye opening. I now realize that I have not reached all learners. Many of these strategies are very useful and can be incorporated immediately with students now!” Lisa Delaney, 2nd Grade Teacher, Calcasieu Parish, LA

“This was very beneficial! I will take many of these items to my classroom first thing Monday morning! It was awesome.” Trisha Sheridan, 4th Grade Teacher, Calcasieu Parish, LA

“Fabulous! Everything I learned was new, fresh, timely—research-based! I’ll encourage my staff to implement Carbo immediately!” Karen Marshall, Assistant Principal, Garland, TX

“A fantastic learning experience. It will change the way I teach!” Marilyn Jones, English Teacher, Grades 7-9, Okaloosa County, FL

“You’ve returned the love of teaching to me. I now enjoy coming to school to work with my kids and to see how they’ve grown in reading. Thanks a ton!” Leslie Thompson, 1st Grade Teacher, Livingston, TX

“Outstanding! The most relevant inservice I’ve had in 27 years of teaching! I truly appreciate you!”
Donna Clarifield, Special Ed. Teacher, Alief, TX

“The students are excited about reading. The regular ed. teachers tell me the kids are raising their hands to read aloud…in front of their peers!!!” Vicki Sheffield, Resource Teacher, Grades 3-5, Woodville,

“Enjoyed every minute! I’ve learned an enormous amount, and was really inspired by the presenter’s passion and enthusiasm.” Valerie Chaviano, Classroom Asst., Roslyn Elementary, Barrington, IL

“…You’ve taken the best practices to a higher level! This method keeps students from falling between the cracks. Thanks so much…” Geraldine Meredith, School Relations Liaison, Miner & West Elementary Schools, Washington, DC (Basic Phase 1 Training)

“I was ready to retire at the end of the school year. The things I learned through my Carbo training have inspired me to stay on another year so I can try the Carbo techniques with my students.” Lorraine Williams, 8th Grade English Teacher, Elmira City SD (Basic+ Phase 3 Training)

“I thought I knew a lot about teaching after 20 years, but I learned so much (at this seminar) and in such a fun way.” Diana Martinez, Kindergarten Teacher, Andrews ISD, Andrews,TX (One-Day Seminar)

“What an enjoyable and enlightening experience this has been! My eyes are wide open and ready for a new day and a better way!! Thank you!” Kaye Long, Reading Recovery Teacher, Perquimans County Schools, North Carolina (Introductory Training)

“I have a masters in reading, so I was interested in what I may learn from this workshop. All the information was incredible, and I will be able to easily add the Carbo Reading (Program) to what I have already learned! Thank you!” Bridgett A. Fagnan, 5th Grade Teacher, Hornell City SD, NY (Introductory Training)

“After 27 years of teaching (Pre-K-College) in several content areas, inclusive of any/all developmental/ability levels, I will comfortably be able to implement the strategies acquired at Carbo training. Moreover, I can easily envision when/how to implement the strategies. This is truly a step toward realizing success in ‘No Child Left Behind’.” Joanne Tunison, Teacher of LOTE, Elmira City SD, Elmira, NY (Basic+ Phase 1 Training)

“This is the second time I have attended this program with Barbara Hinds. She is a great speaker! This program has changed my teaching style and the success of my students greatly! I love this program. It is the best thing that ever happened to my classroom.” Lauren K. Hernandez, Grade 4 LA Teacher, Santo ISD,Texas (Basic Phase I Training)

“This presentation was ‘totally’ excellent, encouraging, motivating and realistically ‘do-able.’” Nena Felton, 6th Grade Teacher, Perquimans County SD, NC (Phase 2 Training)

“This was one of the most exciting, excellent, and informative training sessions I have ever experienced!!”
Meryl Isabel, Instructional Facilitator, Memphis City Schools, TN (Phase 1 with Power Paks Training)

“Fantastic! Information and ideas I can take directly to my classroom and use immediately.” Debbie Edmonds, 2nd Grade Teacher, Boyd County, KY (Basic Phase 2 Training)

“I’ve told everyone I see about all the great ideas I picked up! Wonderful training!” Donna Black, Instructional Assistant K-5, Boyd County, KY (Basic Phase 2 Training)

“Finally, a seminar with realistic ideas, materials and methods for teachers to add to their classrooms!”
Suzanne Flashnick, 3rd Grade Teacher, Athens ISD, Texas (Basic Phase 1 Training)

“Most useful conference I’ve been to in years. Can’t wait to start using this program. I just know my kids are going to improve in all areas.” Phyllis J. Roecker, LD Self-Contained Grades 4-5, Bradley, IL (One-Day Seminar)

“This is my 8th year as a teacher and this is the best training I have attended. I can’t wait to continue implementing Carbo style reading strategies in my classroom.” Lisa Martin, 6th grade teacher, Boyd County Schools, Ashland, KY
(Phase 2 Training)

“I am filled with so much anticipation. I can’t wait for the beginning of the school year to implement the program, especially Power Reading.” Lisa Osborne, 4th Grade Teacher, Lafourche Parish, South Thibodaux Elementary (Louisiana Two-Day Conference)

“I work with special ed. students, and it breaks my heart to see them try so hard and fail. Many of them want to learn but have it set in their heads that they will fail. I can’t wait to see their faces when they are finally successful!”
Cortney G. Naquin, 4th Grade Teacher, Lafourche Parish, Bayou Blue Elementary (Louisiana Two-Day Conference)

“I wish I would have had colored overlays throughout my schooling. I now realize that countless hours of my life were wasted REREADING!” Debbie S. Gautreaux, Curriculum Facilitator, Lafourche Parish, Bayou Blue Elementary (Louisiana Two-Day Conference)

“Great Job. The presenters did an awesome job. I enjoyed the hands-on activities. The material will be useful. Students will achieve.” Lillian Joseph, 7th Grade Teacher , Terrebonne Parish, Caldwell Middle School (Louisiana Two-Day Conference)

“I now have a plan for meeting the needs of my non-reading upper grade students! They will not fall through the cracks again.” Pam Bourgeois, Teacher, Grades 7-12, St. James Parish, Lutcher High School (Louisiana Two-Day Conference)

“The seminar was excellent! I have gained major insight on how to help my students raise their reading levels and comprehension.” Keiana L. Arlie, English/Reading Teacher, Grades 6, 7, 8, St. John Parish, John L. Ory Magnet School (Louisiana Two-Day Conference)

“Well done—presented with solid research—bringing the information teachers need but that no one tells them.” Rehenuma Asmi, 3rd Grade Reading Teacher, Gibbs Elementary (Washington, DC Two-Day Conference)

“The program is superb! The materials are excellent—easy to read, very organized and needed in every classroom across the U.S.” Donna Bullington, Kindergarten Teacher, Tulsa PS, Roosevelt Elementary, Tulsa, OK

I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. I learned many new techniques and look forward to implementing them in my classroom.” Misty Van Meter, 2nd Grade Teacher, Tulsa PS, OK

“Fantastic training! I am so excited to see my students grow using the program!” Jeannie Fitterer, 4th Grade Teacher, Flasher PS, ND

“I loved your workshop! I have a kindergarten background and was excited to see all the centers in the upper grades!!! I feel refreshed and energized. Thank you for coming.” Kim Hale, 4th Grade Teacher, Prescott PS, AZ

“I found this workshop very educational. Using some of the strategies that she gave would help out a lot in tutoring the ESL students.” Satarra Williams, ESL Aide, K-4, Prescott PS, AZ

“The presenter was very positive and inspired the teachers to get involved. The different techniques to use in teaching reading, environment, seemed to inspire them. The trainer was wonderful, well-prepared, animated, and accommodating of a “seasoned” faculty.” Carolyn D. Kerr, Principal, Monongah Elementary, Monogah, WV

“Linda has more than exceeded our expectations. Our reading scores have improved and even veteran teachers are taking notice and wanting Carbo training.” Debra Boutwell, Principal, Okaloosa County, FL

This has been our most informative, useful, motivating and beneficial workshop for us to use in our programs at school. We certainly hope this will not be the last.” Frances Kinlaw, ESE Teacher, Okaloosa County, FL

Seminar Evaluations:

“Outstanding! Best workshop in 28 years and I have been to many!” Debby Cochran, Dyslexia and Comp. Ed. Teacher, Katy ISD, TX

“Very helpful—informative—highly motivational! I plan to implement in phases next week!” Marla Barrick, 5th & 6th Grade Teacher, C.R. Clements Intermediate, Copperas Cove ISD, TX

“Three years ago, I was teaching 2nd grade. I had a little girl who was having trouble reading and the teacher before me put her in Special Ed. The Special Ed. teacher said she couldn’t help her. The second week of school, I took out the overlays. The very first overlay was dark pink. Ashleigh started yelling that the words were not moving. I finally got her calmed down and we tried others, but she was so excited about the dark pink that I gave it to her. She soon was working and reading at grade level. Ashleigh, her parents, and I Thank You!” Jolene Cooper, 4th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Pleasant Hill HS, Sabine Parish

“I am almost ready to retire and wish I had known about this 10 years ago. However, I’ll do what I can for as many as I can for the next year!” Jeanette Salatino, Kindergarten Teacher, Prince of Peach Community School Diocese of Dallas, TX

“The things I learned today will benefit my students tomorrow. It was amazing!” Angie Peak, 7th Grade Reading Teacher, Pioneer Heritage Middle School, Frisco ISD, TX

“I wish I could have attended sooner. I plan to go back to my school and get started right away.” Debbie White, 4th Grade Teacher, Alvarado ISD, TX

“I learned a lot!! It was wonderful! I can make a difference with this knowledge.” Missy Fontenot, 3rd Grade Teacher, Pleasant Hill HS, Sabine ISD, TX

“Marie Carbo was brilliant, entertaining, and informative. Thanks for the picture! Linda Queiruga was delightful and full of wonderful ideas. I am eager to rush home and try these ideas!” Marie Jeffries, 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher, Young Middle Magnet School Hillsborough, Tampa, FL

“I can’t believe how easy the Carbo Method is to implement in the classroom. I teach students who read on many different levels and this program meets all their readability levels.” Ashley Citrano, Endeavor Elementary, Madison County SD

“What an inspiration! I don’t go to many conferences where I LAUGH, CRY and LEARN! Thank you!” Karen Smith, ECE Resource Teacher, Coleridge-Taylor Montessori Elementary

“I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers! Information was presented in a stimulating and realistic fashion. Presenters did a great job of explaining classroom management and techniques for use in classroom.” Christine Black, 3rd Grade Teacher, Clay Springs Elementary, Orange County, FL

“…I was impressed with the flexibility of the program. It meets the diverse and special needs of our children, while serving well the middle to high achieving students.” Janet Bernstein, 2nd Grade Reading Teacher, Webster Elementary, St. John’s County, FL

“It’s always a pleasure to hear the enthusiasm of Ms. Hinds. Listening to her you just want to rush back to school and start your class reading with Carbo.” Mary L.B. Cooper, 5th Grade Teacher, Webster School, St. John’s County, FL

Conference Evaluations:

“Truthfully, I found all sessions to be worthwhile, inspiring and packed with many strategies that will positively impact students. There were many highlights of this conference. I am VERY GLAD that I came!” Muriel D. Bondurant, Principal, Decatur SD #61

“This was my first NRSI conference, and I brought 15 staff members. They are leaving this conference so motivated and eager to start the school year and make a difference in a child’s life. They are now self-motivated. All I have to do is support and encourage to see positive teaching in classes.” Peggy Marcel, Principal, Grand Caillou Elementary, Terrebonne Parish, LA

“…It’s amazing that the term “differentiated instruction” is the new buzz when reading styles schools have been doing this for years!” Janel Sewell, Principal, Pine Ridge Elementary, Livingston ISD, TX

“Tailoring instruction to the reading styles of our students resulted in tremendous gains for our students. Scores in reading have increased from 61% proficient/advanced to 91% proficient/advanced (grades 3-5) and language scores from 40% proficient/advanced to 87% proficient/advanced (grades 3-5). With reading styles, our teachers have been able to provide that a child’s success is not limited by his or her zip code! Reading styles has been an invaluable tool for closing the achievement gap for our students.” Kim Benton, Executive Director of Special Population, Meridian PS, MS (Dr. Kim Benton is currently working at the Mississippi Deparment of Education)

“This training provides the framework for inserting all the necessary puzzle pieces of how students learn in order to produce outstanding student achievement.” Robert W. Katulak, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Education, North Rockland Central School District, NY (Currently Superintendent of New Hyde Park-Garden City Park School District, Garden City Park, NY)