Gilmer Intermediate School, Gilmer, Texas
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In 1997, students at Gilmer Intermediate were performing below state averages. By 2000, longitudinal studies of Gilmer’s third-graders showed that, within two years, 22% more students passed the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS). During that same period, library circulation rose from 8,263 books (1997-98) to 10,817 books (1998-99) to 52,394 books (1999-00). Gilmer Intermediate has achieved the status of National Reading Styles Model School. Gilmer principal Paula Hill wrote in August 2000, “‘Phenomenal!’ is the first word that leaps to my mind when I think of our school atmosphere now compared to before we began using the Reading Styles Program. The standard at Gilmer Intermediate has become excitement about school, a sense of belonging, celebrations of goals set and met, and books by the thousands checked out of our library each month.” Reporting educator: Paula Hill, Principal, Gilmer Intermediate School.

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