Remedial High School Students, Thornton Township District 205, Thornton, Illinois
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In the fall of 1997, District 205’s English Acceleration Program was composed of 226 remedial students who lacked the basic skills needed to function in their academic high school classes. After nine months of the Carbo Reading Styles Program, the students averaged an 11.6 NCE growth in reading comprehension as measured by the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Test, and 56% of the students were able to move into the regular English I curriculum. Note: District 205’s Acceleration Program holds curriculum standards constant for all students, uses instructional strategies consistent with the research on brain-compatible learning and varies the time needed to complete graduation requirements. Reporting educator: Tim Truesdale, Language Arts Teacher, Thornton High School. Also reported in “Acceleration Program” (December 1998). Thornton Township District 205 Newsletter.

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