Grades 7-8, Minor Hill Elementary School Reading Lab, Minor Hill, TN 2007-2008
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(53% free or reduced lunch, 36% of lab students are special ed). In 2007, 22 of Minor Hill Elementary’s seventh- and eighth-graders scored below the proficient reading level on a university-created predictive reading test. After six months of attending the Reading Styles Lab established in the school, 21 of the 22 students achieved proficient or advanced levels in reading on that same test, including five of the six special education students in the group. Principal Lisa Stogner, reported a 100% turnaround in student attitude, from negative to positive toward reading, writing on February 27, 2008:

All Carbo students in {grades} 7/8 scored proficient or advanced. But most important, they wanted to know how they did and were sharing their scores with each other as a caring community. 100% attitude turn around! There is a local newspaper article (front page) on our lab.

Minor Hill Elementary is a PreK-8 school. Reporting Educator: Lisa Stogner, Principal, Minor Hill Elementary School.

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