Grades 9-12, Boyd County High School Reading Lab for Special Ed Students, Boyd County, Kentucky 2007-2008
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(39% free or reduced lunch) Over a period of 8 months, the 31 special education students in grades 9-12 who attended the Carbo Reading Lab in Boyd County High School, gained an average of 1.8 years in reading comprehension and vocabulary on the Gates McGinitie Reading Achievement Test.

Each student attended the lab approximately 5 days per week for 30 minutes. The primary materials used in the Carbo Reading Lab was the Power Reading® Program, which contains high-interest stories, recorded at a special slow pace in small amounts. Students listened to a section of a challenging story a few times and read the section aloud to their teacher. After completing a story the students played a skill game based on the story and answered the story questions. The Power Reading Program is structured so that students are consistently challenged with increasingly difficult stories.

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