Grades 9-12, Ramey-Estep High School Reading Lab Alternative Treatment Facility, Boyd County, Kentucky 2007-2008
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(88% free or reduced lunch). Ramey-Estep High School is the alternative treatment facility in Boyd County. Students are sent there from all over Kentucky. They live there year round and some stay until they graduate; others earn the right to leave. Most would rather stay because the principal and teachers are so extraordinary.

In 2007 – 2008, for the 15 students attending the Carbo Lab at Ramey-Estep most frequently, the pre-test and post-test data was as follows: the average growth rate of those students using the lab over a nine-week period was +1.32 G. E. (Grade Equivalent). The largest class growth was +2.0, and the largest individual growth was +4.3.

The class size attending the Lab is five students. The reading assessment tool used was STAR

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