Grades 3-6, Marion Elementary School, Marion, MI 2001 – 2006
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(PreK-5, rural, 995 White, one-third of families have no phones, high unemployment, 61% free or reduced lunch). In 2001, 42.1% of the fourth graders at Marion Elementary scored at the proficient reading level on their state test (the MEAP). Training in the Carbo Reading Styles Program began at Marion in 2002. By the end of that year, the percentage of students in grades 3-6 scoring at the proficient level was 49% in reading and 23% in mathematics. By 2006, those percentages rose to 95% proficient in reading and 72% proficient in mathematics. In 2005 Marion Elementary School was awarded the prestigious status of a Level 3 “National Reading Styles Model School.” Superintendent of Marion Schools, Charles Chase, wrote the following comment in a letter to Marie Carbo on June 2, 2005:

During the implementation of the Carbo Reading Styles Program, our achievement scores have increased - most significantly, our mathematics scores. We believe that this is the direct result of the students’ ability to read the problems presented on the test

Reporting Educator: Charles Chase, Superintendent of Schools.

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