Grades 10-12, Immokalee High School Reading Lab, Collier County, Naples, FL 2001-2005
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(94% free or reduced lunch). After only seven weeks, 21 regular English students gained two years in reading comprehension, and 23 ESE students gained seven months in reading comprehension during that same period on the Gates-MacGinitie Reading Achievement Test. By the second year (2003), Bridget Morris, Carbo reading lab teacher, wrote:

We are bursting at the seems for this terms. There are about 200 students utilizing the lab-all English classes, the FCAT skills class, and some ESE classes. We’ve also created a movable Carbo Lab for the ESOL students at lower levels. Things are going great!

Immokalee High School has a school population that is 94% minority. Reporting Educator: Bridget Morris, Carbo Reading Lab Teacher, Immokalee High School.

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