Grades 4-8, Grand Caillou Middle School, Houma, LA 1999-2004
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(85% free or reduced lunch, 54% minority, 11% migrant). Between 1999 and 2000, achievement scores at Grand Caillou Middle School rose for both fourth- and eighth-graders, the only two grade levels tested annually. Eighth-graders made the highest gains, suggesting that a greater amount of time with the Carbo Reading Styles Program increases student achievement. Eighth-graders had more than one year of CRS, whereas fourth-graders had only six months. The results were as follows: In eighth grade, 24% more students performed at the “basic” and “proficient” levels, while 22% fewer performed at the “unsatisfactory” and “approaching basic” levels. Fourth-graders recorded a 10% increase in students performing at the “basic” and “approaching basic” levels and a 10% decrease in those at the “unsatisfactory” level. Grand Caillou Middle School achieved the status of National Reading Styles Model School. Note 1: Grand Caillou Middle School maintained their gains as well as their status as a Level 3 “National Reading styles Model School until 2004, when Judy Gaspard retired as the principal of Grand Caillou.

Notes: During 1999-2000, Grand Caillou Middle School served 623 students in grades 4-8. Economically deprived students made up 89% of the student population, which is 46% Anglo, 41% Native American, 12% African-American and 1% Asian. Reporting educator: Judy Gaspard, Principal, Grand Caillou Middle School.

In 2003, Grand Caillou principal, Judy Gaspard, was the only individual in North America invited to address a United Nations panel on education. This great honor was awarded to Judy after a U. N. official visited her school for a few days, and was extraordinarily impressed by the high test scores, respect, and love of learning demonstrated by Grand Caillou’s students and teachers. Reporting Educator: Judy Gaspard, Principal, Grand Caillou Middle School.

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