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What teachers
are saying:

"99% of our kindergartners mastered their letters and sounds - our highest percentage ever! the teachers love the program! You could hear the children signing the songs everywhere."

Nancy Sullivan, Principal
West Amory Elementa, Amory MS

"Awesome, our really low first graders were struggling with phonics. they exelled with Letterville and they are now ready for 2nd grade."

Tamala Martin, Principal
Summit Elementary, Ashford, KY

Funny and Original: Letterville's Songs, Stories, and Characters
Every letter of the alphabet has its own memorable character and its own fabulous, original song and story. You'll have fun introducing your students to a new, quirky, funny, loveable letter character. There's Achoo Annie on the flyihg trapeze; the Dancing Dinosaurs; the Kicking Kangaroo; Nurse Newman chasing nine naughty children. All 26 letters are gems!

Kids Make powerful Emotional Connections That Stick - It's Brain-Based Learning at Its Best
Each loveable character has its own brilliant story by Janet Martin (author of Sight Words That Stick), reinforced with a funny, zany song by Marylyn Varriale. Sound effects and rhythmic movement create powerful memory connections.

Kid-Friendly Skill Work Fulfills Recent State Mandates
Letterville practices:
  • Distinguishes between and writing all upper and lower-case letters
  • Matching letters and words
  • Identifying letter sounds in the initial position
  • Rhyming; identifying the sounds of initial consonants and vowels
  • Syllabication, Blending, Segmenting
Friendly, Engaging Audio
Children take a trip to Letterville with Marie Carbo to meet a new funny character, listen to its story, sing its song, and practice phonemics through direct instruction and playful rhythmic patterns.

26 Fun Alphabet Units Plus 8 Review Units

Each letter unit introduces the letter character through story, song, and phonemic practice. Includes reproducible worksheets, games, letter books, and homework booklets that practice writing, reading, and phonics. Available on audiotapes or CD’s.


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