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Power Reading® Program on CDs, K-12

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Students follow along and enjoy a high-interest story.
Power Reading’s special recordings enable students to read stories above their reading level with ease and confidence. Dr. Marie Carbo records with a slowed pace, “chunked” phrases, and in small amounts. ­Students follow along (usually 2 or 3 times) and rapidly improve in fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
They have fun playing the hands-on game for that story.
Power Reading’s multi-modality games accelerate learning - especially for at-risk readers! Many at-risk readers are tactile and kinesthetic learners. Our story games enable these students to touch, move, and interact, so that learning is deepened and accelerated.
The student reads back part or all of the story. (This can be done before or after the story questions are answered.)
Power Reading focuses instruction on “hot reads” for maximum reading gains. “Hot reads” (after following along with our recordings) enable students to read aloud with confidence and good comprehension. “Cold reads” (reading aloud with no assistance), cause students to make errors, lose confidence, and progress slowly.
Each student answers the story ­questions on computer.
Students enjoy answering the story questions on computer. The Power Reading® Assessment CDs provide user-friendly screens with full-color story illustrations and story questions. ­Answers can be changed until the “Done” button is clicked.
The teacher scores the students’ answers in seconds and prints the progress reports as needed.
Our progress reports identify needed interventions so that time is not wasted. With Power Reading® Assessment CDs, teachers score students' answers in seconds and produce progress reports that indicate the skill practice each student needs.

First, install the Assessment CD program for the Power Pak that will be used. To run the program, the Assessment CD must be in that computer’s CD-Rom drive. (Each Assessment CD has a single-computer license.)
The teacher decides when to listen to the student read a portion of the story (either before or after the student answers the story questions). A fluency assessment can be done at this time and the score entered on the Assessment CD program.
After listening to a story, each student answers the story questions on the computer, using the Assessment CD. Answers can be changed until the student or the teacher clicks the “Done” button.
Last, the teacher scores the student’s answers, using the Assessment CD, and produces any graphs and charts needed. These can be used to provide specific skill practice, show student progress, and to discuss progress with administrators, students, and parents.
Power Reading Assessment CD K-12
• Scores Power Reading Questions
• Produces 4 Useful Reports
• Satisfies RTI requirements
(Response to Intervention)
“What a powerful teaching tool! Power Reading Assessment CDs provide an instant picture of student progress.”
Anne Facendo, Principal, Nut Swamp Elementary School, Middletown, NJPower
Produces 4 Essential Progress Reports
Fluency Assessment
Graphs each student’s fluency scores and displays each score and testing date
Total Reading Assessment
Graphs each student’s total reading scores and displays each score and testing date
Group Report
Shows percent of correct answers for each reading skill by each student. Provides group percentages
Student Report
Lists the skills tested and the percent of questions answered correctly

Reading Skills Evaluated by Power Reading Assessment CDs

Power Reading® Components

Power Reading: Recorded, reproducible leveled short stories.
(Includes Teacher’s Guide, Questions, Writing Activities, and Separate Word Counts)
Power Reading® K-12
Recorded super-high-interest, leveled, short stories raise fluency and comprehension fast. Twenty-two different Power Paks available.
Power Reading® Spanish K-2
Our favorite K-2 Power Reading stories are available in Spanish. Three Power Paks available: Gr. K, 1, & 2.
Power Reading® Nonfiction Gr. 2-5
High-interest, nonfiction recorded stories on topics kids want. Each set moves forward two years in reading. Two Power Paks available - Gr. 2-3 and Gr. 4-5.
Power Reading® Comics and Chapter Books Gr. 3-6
Super-high-interest comics and short chapter books that excite and teach even the hard-to-reach. 8 Power Pak comics and 10 Power Pak chapter books available.
Power Reading® At-Risk Gr. 2-12
High interest/Low Readability for At-Risk Readers. Topics: sports, adventure, action, sci-fi, mystery, humor, family, science. 4 elementary and 3 secondary Power Paks available.
Power Reading® Assessment Kit All Ages
Quickly assesses a student’s reading level and best placement in the Power Reading Program
Evidence of Effectiveness

From “In Need of Improvement” to One of New York State’s Best Schools (2005)

After one year, West Haverstraw Elementary (North Rockland, NY) made the “ Exemplary List of Most Improved Schools.” After three years, they became a “High Performing/Gap Closing” school in Language Arts and Math (the state’s highest rating).

A Gain of 1.7 Years in 8 Months in Total Reading Scores for High School Special Education Students (Kentucky/2005)

At Boyd County High School, the special education students in grades 9-12 (31 in all) made an average reading gain of 1.7 years in just 8 months of attending the Power Reading Lab. Teachers reported that the students’ reading motivation improved greatly as well.

Students’ Scores Rise From 42% to 95% Achieving Reading Proficiency (Michigan/2006)

Despite high unemployment and high percentages of students receiving free or reduced- price lunch, the reading scores of students at Marion Elementary improved from 42% attaining reading proficiency in 2002 to 95% in 2006.