"Reading with Style" - 1997
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Skipper, B.L. (February 1997). American School Board Journal, Vol. 184, No. 2, pp. 36-37.

In 1993, only 21% of some grade levels passed the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) in the Uvalde (TX) School District. After three years of the Carbo Reading Styles Program, nearly 70% of the students were passing the TAAS. Results of two experiments spurred the Uvalde school board to implement the CRS program district-wide in grades K-12 in 1995. The first experiment with CRS occurred during summer 1994 with 42 first-graders at risk of being retained. In six weeks, the youngsters gained more than 3.5 months in reading. Grade-equivalent scores rose from K-2.0 to 1.0-2.3. As a result, the first-grade retention rate dropped from 8.9% in 1993 to 1.7% in 1994. The second experiment with CRS was conducted with Robb Elementary School in 1994-95. At the end of the school year, the percentage of Robb’s students passing the TAAS rose from 46% to 73%. Farm families make up most of the Uvalde School District; 20% are migrant farmers. Seventy-eight percent of the students are Hispanic, many have limited proficiency in English and 75% come from families considered economically disadvantaged.

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