"Making a Difference for L.D. Students | Matching Reading Instruction to Reading Styles Through Recorded Books." - 1992
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Bradsby, S.; Wise, J.; Mundell, S.; Haas, S. (1992). Research in the Classroom, ED 347 765.

Significant growth in reading comprehension was made by 30 of 32 severely learning-disabled students in grades 1-6 after one year of Carbo Reading Styles. Overall, the 30 students made an average gain of 1.7 years in reading comprehension on the Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills. The authors noted that the greatest growth in reading comprehension was in sixth grade, while the students who made one year or less reading growth were in first grade. This CRS program emphasized matching reading methodology to students’ strengths as identified by the Reading Style Inventory (Carbo), and the use of the Carbo Recorded-Book Method three to five times weekly.

Devinny Elementary School, Lakewood, CO

Severely Learning-Disabled Students in Grades 1-6 Increase ReadingComprehension Scores by an Average of 1.7 Years on the

Brigance Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills After One Year of CRS

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