"Using Recorded Books with Reluctant Readers." - 1994
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Molbeck, C.H. (1994). WSRA Journal (Wisconsin State Reading Association), Vol. 38, No. 2, pp. 39-42.

Recounts the positive effect of the Carbo Recorded-Book Method on 22 angry, remedial readers who belonged to various gangs. After receiving training in the Carbo Method of recording, the author recorded a high-interest story and played small parts of it aloud each day, helping the students to keep track in their books (note: only one tape player was available). Immediately, positive changes occurred in student behavior and confidence. By the end of the school year, student gains in reading fluency and comprehension were high; some were phenomenal. Example: Andrea "went from anger at the thought of having to read a short book to choosing to read a long one on her own in five months. Her pre-test was fourth grade, her posttest was seventh" (p. 40).

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